The Premiere Traditional American Tattoo Shop in Nashville TN. Rebel Yell Tattoo features -4- no, 6 of the best damn tattooers and all around badasses known to the human race. All specializing in the tried and true modern electric tattooing. Click on an artists name to view their portfolio.

J. EvansAlmost Expert Magician (follow on Instagram @rebelyelltattoo)

Justin Gill ~ Dog Lover  (follow on Instagram @justingilltattoos)

Nathan Armstrong ~ Strong Arms (follow on Instagram @ewitsnathan)

Josh HaywardMid-Ten Marble Champion ’91-’97 (follow on Instagram @jzajosh)

Charlie Wynn ~ Jimmy Buffet fanclub admin (follow on Instagram @dudesnightout_)

Sibyl PalmerPlays a mean pinball (follow on Instagram @sibyl7583)

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